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Starting a Pension

Take control of your finances today

Retirement Planning is something every business owner and professional needs to get right.

Expert Pension advice is about knowing how best to utilize the pension options available to you in tandem with your own personal circumstances and financial planning objectives.
You need to make sure you have the correct:

✓ Pension Structure

✓ Tax Advice

✓ Appropriate Investment Strategy

✓ Competitive Fees

✓ Ongoing Financial Advice to make sure you are on track to achieve your retirement goals

Guardian Wealth can help. We have the skills and the team to provide expert retirement and pension planning advice. We can formulate a financial plan for you that achieves your personal and financial goals, and most importantly we can explain it to you in a clear and easy to understand manner.

Starting a Pension?

Using a Pension as a vehicle for retirement planning has many advantages:


  • For the self-employed and PAYE Professionals, it allows you to reduce your income tax bill

  • For business owners it allows you to transfer company wealth into your personal private ownership

  • Money in your pension grows tax free – free from DIRT, free from Income Tax and free from Capital Gains Tax


There are many different types of Pension structures, that can be used for pension planning. Three common structures are:

Personal Pensions
A Personal Pension is designed primarily for Sole Traders and the Self Employed. Payments made to a Personal Pension are allowable for income tax relief. It’s a great method of funding for retirement and reducing your income tax bill.

Company Director Pension Schemes
A Company Pension is designed for Company Directors and allows your company to contribute money directly to a pension for your benefit. Your business can also claim corporation tax relief on the payments. It’s a great way to transfer company profits to personal private ownership in a very tax efficient manner. Speak to our experts today about setting up a company pension scheme for Directors.

Self-Administered Pensions
Self-Administered Pensions operate in much the same way as a Company Pension with the added flexibility of allowing you to make all the investment decisions. You are free to pick your own types of investment to hold in your Self-Administered Pension Scheme. Self-Administered Pensions are particularly popular for those wanting to buy property in their pension.


Get In Touch
How did you find us?


I have experienced the ups and downs of Pension funds over many years. As I got closer to retirement, I needed to get advice regarding the risk profile of my pension funds as I didn’t want to see it fall in value at this stage of my life. Michael was able to provide practical steps to make sure this risk was reduced for me and I am happy that I am on the right road. They are always at the end of a phone & very accommodating to meet at short notice to discuss any queries that we may have. I do recommend Guardian Wealth to anybody worried about their pension.

Patricia McCaffrey & Frank Cooney,
Cooney Architects, Dublin

I had my Pension with my Bank but as the fund grew, I was becoming more and more concerned that I was always dealing with somebody different. I wanted to have a direct line to somebody who could advise me and meet with me as my circumstances changed over time. Michael is my Pension Advisor now and is always at the end of the phone whenever I need him. I am happy to recommend Guardian Wealth.

Marion English
Tir3D Ltd, Carlow

Like most business owners I put most of my energy into making sure my business is successful. Very often that leaves little time to stop and look at my bigger picture financial position, and plan for the future. I have been working with Michael in Guardian Wealth for a number of years now and it’s great to know that he has a financial plan in place for me, and meets with me regularly to make sure I am on track. I am happy to recommend Guardian Wealth.

Nuala Byrne
Burnside Autocyl Ltd, Carlow


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Take control of your finances today

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